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Obliteration Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game. Demolition is the principal Sci-fi South Asian-based fight royale game. It is the primary Bangladeshi designer fight imperial game. This game you can play on PC, Playstation, XBOX, Android, and iOS all gadgets. It is an online multiplayer 5vs5 and 60 players fight regal shooter game.

You can without much of a stretch play this game with high designs. This is the solitary game that is shrouded in the Bangladeshi region (Chittagong). Group Death Match(TDM) has other nation maps(Japan, Norway).

Pick a special saint and face against 60 man Conflict Royale. Every legend has its own benefit and hindrance thus, it’s dependent upon you to use them appropriately. You have a ton of choices including- – Tons of weapons – Exciting guides – New Emotes – Upgradable abilities – Attractive Skins – Global Esports association Story; It’s 2030 and our saints begin to rebel against a mysterious association named as “Gathering’. Different Alien gadgets are beginning to show up and everyone is deriving that “gathering’ has something to do with it. It’s dependent upon you to sort out what’s going on. The story will .step by step be uncovered as the season goes and you will have a grip of the Annihilation Universe.

o numerous fans are now suggested the designer that doesn’t add any character capacity or firearm ascribes in this game, or probably we will not have the option to play this game calmly.

Numerous individuals don’t understand that it is a snapshot of PRIDE for individuals of BANGLADESH. We are pleased to have such game devlopers in our country.

Destruction Senior Community Manager Shahriar Avi Talks about certain subjects of this game.

1.When the Annihilation Game will be Release?

– Hopefully inside 2/3 months.

2.Why don’t you report the specific date of delivery?

– If you know about Game Development then you would know If you do your works appropriately after all that will be out of your hand. Also, our Engineering Department is striving to bring a completed, cleaned game for everybody, so whenever anything can be changed!

3.What about Playstore Game Logo?

– That’s really an essential logo, we are presently zeroing in on interactivity trailer content. We have an arrangement to make a stunning logo soon.

4.How to join the Annihilation Content Creators program? Are there any necessities?

– For now, It’s under our Marketing/Influencer overseeing Department and It’s invitational, After the game delivery, we will distribute more data about it.

5.Who is currently at Annihilation Content Creators Programm?

– Everyone realizes them quite well And yes! They are your Favorite PUBG MOBILE, Freefire, CODM, PUBG MOBILE LITE Content Creators. We can’t share their names Because of certain issues.

6.Share in-game pictures, refreshes with us!

– As I referenced prior we are presently zeroing in on the Gameplay trailer. So sit tight for somedays

In any case keep us in your petitions, Stay tuned!

They likewise discharge another wonderful image of a character-MARIA

f you need to win the new act out of the Annihilation game for nothing, pre-register in the play store now and notice your crew.

Bangladesh has an enormous pool of ability in making games. This game Made by Bangladeshi nearby gifts. This science fiction game is our entrance into the $68 billion worldwide gaming industry. This game is the primary Competitive Multiplayer game made in Bangladesh.

Likewise, this game serious FPS was made by a Bangladeshi designer. This game was created by Crisis Entertainment. This game will be their first round of an impending game universe in Bangladesh.

You cannot track down this game in the Bengali language. Cause this game disseminating for around the world. That is mean this game not just for Bangladesh. You can discover so numerous Bangla language banners and pennants. In this article, I gove this computer game trailer in the last section.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Release Date:

Update: Annihilation Game Bangladesh Release Date 30 April 2021.

You realize that such countless games didn’t deliver right off the bat in Bangladesh. We hearing some news yet not found those games any longer. In any case, Annihilation should deliver in December month. We saw that this game first trailer revealed to us the Annihilation Bangladesh Battle Royale Game delivery date in September.

Update: For some reasons, After completing beta testing this Annihilation game will deliver.

However, we didn’t track down this game anyplace. For this inquiry the designer group says we fixed a wide range of bugs on the game that is the reason we take additional time-discharge this game. The portable form will be delivered inside 1-2 months of the game delivery. This game creates beginning rearward in 2018 December.

Destruction Game Map subtleties:

Authority authoritatively delivers a guide of the Chittagong Division

In-game you tracked down a Bangladeshi character name is Maria. We saw many game young ladies wear western dress or saree yet didn’t discovered anyplace who wear ‘salwar kameez’. Maria, the outsider killing character, is situated in Dhaka. In-game you can play with a sum of eight characters. There is another character called is Laila.

The obliteration game spins around a common conflict incited by an outsider species. They showed up in our reality and we need to crush them. This outsider name is Darkseid. He carries his military to earth to make his terrible arrangement. In this game, you will saw a comparative extraterrestrial society invades people in this world.

You need a base Intel Corei3 processor and working framework windows7. You need 6 GB RAM with Graphics-Nvidia GTX 560. Additionally, need DirectX-Version 11. for better execution take a broadband web association. This game all out needs stockpiling of 25 GB. It’s base necessities.

There are two versatile variants of the Annihilation Bangladeshi game. One is ordinary and another is a light form. Assuming you need to play on the Mobile form, you need 2 GB RAM and 8 or more OS. Operating system implies your working framework. Also, the light form you simply need 1 GB RAM and OS:7.

iPhone OS 10 And need just 1 GB RAM. Cause we realize that iPhone has a solid working framework and they have the best quality.

On the off chance that We track down a normal player base from PC and Mobile variant, we will deliver on comfort. Our Game venture is widespread, exchanging our undertaking is a simple errand of 60 minutes. Yet, Sony has solid arrangements and limitations. Thus, a tremendous player base on different stages can support our delivery on PlayStation.- Annihilation Authority.

Obliteration Game Developer:

The Co-author of Crisis Entertainment says that this game we are building up the first run through. we will acknowledge numerous games from our group Crisis Entertainment. Siam Hasan Uday is a Former Game Developer at Riseup Labs. He is Co-originator at Crisis Entertainment. Siam Hasan Uday Studying B.Sc in Software Engineering at American International University – Bangladesh.

As of now you know the stage you played this game. Presently I discussing other data. This game has no expense. you can buy or download in the engineer group site or google play store and another site. Emergency Entertainment has a branch in Australia. Be that as it may, this game completely created in Bangladesh.

I tracked down another update of this game. Destruction gives some data about the weapon assortment. The New weapon skin name is “Gold digger”

We are talking here about different themes like ongoing interaction characters, firearms, vehicles, designs, and so forth Everybody supports this game. You can check our other Game survey underneath this part.

Annihilation Bangladesh

Demolition, created by Crisis Entertainment Ltd., is set to be Bangladesh’s first-since forever Sci-Fi FPS multiplayer game which is likewise set in Bangladesh. Today we will discuss this named Annihilation. The designers of this game are advancing the game as a science fiction multiplayer game yet as indicated by an article, this is a fight royale game.

In the event that we talk about the narrative of the game, the tale of this game is exceptionally fascinating and we have seen this sort of story in numerous games previously. As per the story, an outsider boat has shown up on Earth and assuming you have seen a Superman film, this boat will help you to remember the outsider boat of that film.

Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka is appeared in the game, where outsiders have shown up and spread frenzy on Earth.

There are around 8 fundamental characters in the game, out of which you can pick your number one character and play the game. I figure the capacity of these 8 characters will be unique, very much like the Apex Legends game. The capacity of the relative multitude of characters in Apex Legends is unique. Every one of these characters are battling against the outsiders. It has additionally been accounted for from sources that the narrative of this game will be imparted to different games also. The Annihilation Game is essential for a common universe, so maybe different pieces of this game can be made later on, whose story will be connected to one another.


As per Siam Hasan Udoy, Annihilation will be a serious 5v5 FPS game. The game area will be founded on Dhaka City, some anecdotal town, and some anecdotal underground scene. The plot of the game will be SciFi-Post Apocalyptic in nature.

Devs additionally affirmed to us that Annihilation won’t have a Single Player game mode. In any case, this game will contain a profound back story. With such countless serious shooters out right now how this game will stand apart from the group will be an intense test.

“We are thinking about three additional contents, which could be games set in a common universe. For the time being, Annihilation is our opening shot,” Sium added.

The ghostly similarity of the game’s plot and the Covid-19 episode in Dhaka left Crisis Entertainment confounded. The trailer shows strikingly comparative montages of Dhaka in the midst of closure at its pinnacle. “No people outside” applies to both reality and the game.

More Details

As per the game timetable, the game’s growing first look video was to be dispatched on March 23 this year, the mystery trailer of the game was planned to dispatch in May 2020, the game’s true to life trailer, interactivity trailer 1, and ongoing interaction trailer 2 to be dispatched in June 2020. The last trailer and pre-request will begin in July 2020 and the Hero’s of Annihilation trailer will be dispatched in August 2020.

Presently, June 2020 is going on thus far we have not gotten a true to life trailer, ongoing interaction trailer 1, and interactivity trailer 2. Up until now, we have just the primary look of this game, in which both the interactivity and the trailer are appeared by joining.

The interactivity in this trailer is unimportant because of which we are not finding out about the ongoing interaction. This trailer just has some cut scenes and true to life shots which don’t characterize the interactivity, it just characterizes the climate of the game.

Bangladesh has an enormous pool of abilities with regards to making games. Games like Agontuk and Annihilation are only the start of the flourishing game industry in Bangladesh. Making a decent computer game requires a great deal of danger and exertion from the engineers. More often than not it isn’t monetarily suitable for the engineers to put a ton of cash in making trial outside the box games. On the off chance that games like Agontuk and Annihilation can convey a fair encounter it may make ready for other game devs to do likewise. Ideally, this can make a compounding phenomenon that will take Bangladesh’s down industry forward.

Annhilation isn’t only a standard fight royale game, its new nearby setting and plot-driven ongoing interaction are promising finishes paperwork for the eventual fate of Bangladeshi game creation.

magine yourself doing combating through a dystopian Dhaka with your companions equipped with every kind of weaponry with advanced weapons and extraordinary character capacities in a battle for endurance against innumerable others.

That is the experience “Demolition” by Crisis Entertainment vows to give major parts in its impending delivery free of charge across all stages. Players can hope to end up in a tragic, cyberpunk, future, going head to head against an assorted cast of characters with remarkable backstories that give proper respect to 90’s wistfulness like “Tin Goyenda”, “Bread cook Bhai” or “Masud Rana”.

The Business Standard plunked down with the organizer and CEO of Crisis Entertainment, Shadman Sian, to acquire further understanding into this promising game.

As per Shadman, the game will permit players to participate in 60-player fight royale matches in maps dependent on Dhaka and Chittagong while likewise offering 5 versus 5 matches in Nordic and Japanese themed maps.

There are likewise extra game modes like bomb dissemination, faction versus tribe, or crew versus crew, anticipated future deliveries.

From the secret as of late delivered by the gaming startup, an extremely definite 3D guide of Dhaka can be found in the game, total with CNGs, BRTC transports, neighborhood milestones, and political race banners.

At the point when gotten some information about the regard for subtleties, Shadman said that a ton of time was spent by the engineers getting the interesting subtleties of the city right.

For instance, the political decision banners that loom over the rear entryways of Dhaka were meticulously reproduced to offer a vivid encounter. The neighborhood vehicles in the games like the CNGs and trucks are likewise liable to be operable for players to journey through the city.

With the assistance of his lead designer, Siam Hasan Udoy, Shadman and his little group attempted to make a game that depicts the inward clash among humanity because of an outsider intrusion in 2030.

Subsequently, each character in the game is planned and grown independently with their own one of a kind backstories, intentions and capacities. “We needed to configuration characters that the players can identify with,” says Shadman Sian.

Moreover, the game will honor 90’s sentimentality, Isaac Asimov, and Titanfall through its character plan, backstory, capacities, and so forth

The game additionally upholds vital and flexible ongoing interaction utilizing the capacities of each character. For instance, the programmer Damien Oscar can work robots and spy on the places of adversary players to encourage facilitated assaults by colleagues.

The game has been being worked on since 2018 and the engineers have been taking as much time as necessary to get it on the money.

What separates this game from the remainder of the fight royale games in the market is its attention on story-based multiplayer ongoing interaction just as its exceptional Bangladeshi science fiction topic. Players are not expected to play a similar game again and again as the plot of the game will advance with each new season.

As per Shadman, “There is an unmistakable start and end to the game,” with the goal that the players can participate in plot-driven interactivity.

Shadman and his group are determined on building up a game that advances “local area over money get” and upholds the public e-sports scene.

To guarantee that this game isn’t another compensation to-win title, the game will be delivered on all stages for nothing while at the same time guaranteeing that each player can acquire exceptional premium things in the game through interactivity, as indicated by the author.

Concerning sees about e-sports in Bangladesh, Shadman Sian feels that it involves time before it acquires a traction in the nearby local area with his game establishing the frameworks for it.

He holds an unfaltering conviction that one day, e-sports will become as much as though not more effective than conventional games because of its capacity to draw in a lot more extensive viewership with enormous brand sponsorships.

With respect to the actual game, lovers can anticipate that a public beta should be delivered around December. Shadman says that as a little non mainstream game studio, they are making an honest effort notwithstanding specialized constraints to make a game that merits playing while at the same time staying idealistic that the story-driven, nostalgic and science fiction components of the game will make players need to play the game.


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