REACT, NEXT.JS AND DJANGO: A RAPID GUIDE | Download Udemy Free Courses

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Learn how to create an Ambassador App using React, Next.js and Django Rest Framework. We will build 3 frontend apps Admin, Ambassador and Checkout and they will consume a big Django API.

In Django you will learn:

  • How to create APIs with Django Rest Framework
  • Use Docker
  • Create protected routes
  • Login with HttpOnly Cookies
  • Login with Scopes
  • Use Redis
  • Use Stripe
  • Sending Emails
  • Filter Cached products

In React you will learn:

  • Create a React project with Typescript
  • Create a Next.js project with Typescript
  • React Material UI
  • Use Redux
  • Use React Hooks
  • Create public and private routes
  • Restrict routes for unauthorized users
  • Use Stripe

I’m a FullStack Developer with 10+ years of experience. I’m obsessed with clean code and I try my best that my courses have the cleanest code possible.

My teaching style is very straightforward, I will not waste too much time explaining all the ways you can create something or other unnecessary information to increase the length of my lectures. If you want to learn things rapidly then this course is for you.

I also update my courses regularly over time because I don’t want them to get outdated. So you can expect more content over time from just one course with better video and audio quality.


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