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Windows 11 iso-

Windows 11 is a version of Windows that was a partial prediction of Windows 10X. But now Windows 10X will not release, Microsoft decided to release Windows 11 this year 2021. Here is the Windows 11 Beta Available for Download.

Microsoft is holding a Windows event later this month, and alongside the leak of Windows 10, it’s very likely we’re going to see Windows 11 make a debut.

During the opening keynote to Build 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about using a new version of Windows. “I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months, and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows,” Nadella told attendees.

A spin-off called Windows 10x was in the works for tablet devices and low-end laptops, until it was suddenly scrapped earlier this year.

One telling attribute is seeing that support for Windows 10 is ending in 2025, merely three years from now.

This has seemingly been confirmed, with Windows 11 leaking a week before the June 24 event, and being named within the near-final build.

The company has now set the end date for updates and support of Windows 10 for 2025. Although it should be noted that in the past, Microsoft has delayed the killing off of previous Windows releases before, Windows 7 being a great example here. So we could still see Windows 10 live on beyond its 2025 end date while Windows 11 is going strong.

Windows 11 features

While ‘Sun Valley’ is still rumored to have a refined look for Windows 10, it’s not a long shot to imagine some of these features being moved onto Windows 11 instead, which the recent leak now confirms.

Based on the leak, Windows 11 is full of mostly small visual changes.
  • The taskbar icons are centered, giving Windows a decidedly MacOS look (don’t freak out — it can be left-justified if you’re old school).
  • The Start menu ditches live tiles for pinned apps.
  • We’ve got a new Windows logo: four equal-sized rectangles instead of the trapezoid Microsoft has been using for Windows since the 2012 release of Windows 8.
  • All the Windows icons have been redesigned with a more colorful gradient and a slightly more 3D appearance.
  • Windows will have rounded corners.
  • When you click the maximize button, you get options about how you want to lock the window in place — side by side with another app, a grid of three or a grid of four.
  • It’s got fancy-schmancy new wallpapers that ditch stylized photos of light shining through windows for something more floral.
  • Also, it’s not a visual change, obviously, but Windows 11 is bringing back the startup jingle (the first since Windows 7),

Even despite the fact that a platform such as Windows 10, released back in 2015, has existed on the market for so many years, many people are guaranteed to be unhappy with it, because in its work every now and then again and again there are different a kind of difficulty and difficulty, to fix which you have to spend time, effort, money and other resources because for many people an electronic device is not at all some kind of entertainment tool, but a working tool designed to earn money and solve other problems different kinds. That is why, since Microsoft has so far failed to make this OS reliable or stable, users are faced with various very different difficulties when using it over and over again.

Even in spite of the fact that the announcement of this platform has not yet taken place, it is already known with what features it will somehow be able to please all users. It is compatible with all applications currently on the market based on the UWP, PWA and Win32 standards, that is, it will actually really have something to please everyone with, and this is quite a real fact. Users can count on improving performance, strengthening the security system, expanding functionality, and at the same time, in addition, on a whole host of other advantages that will make it very, very attractive as much as it can be.

These include a completely new user interface, enhanced functionality, the function of quickly creating backups and restoring from such, support for seamless updates without the need to reboot the electronic device, and, most importantly and most importantly, it is many times increased stability. Due to the modular structure, users can count on an incredibly high, very high level of stability, due to which Windows 11 will definitely delight everyone, and many people will begin to consider it the best among all existing in the world, especially since it has no alternatives, so as Linux is suitable for only a few, and macOS is available on only one Apple computers.

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Windows 11 iso direct download link-




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